My name is Fredrik Robertsson and I am a couture collector and on the board of Swedish charity organisation Regnbågsfonden.

When I first got the question to design a product for IDEAL OF SWEDEN, my inspiration was of course to use the colors of the rainbow flag, the pride flag, but in a way that wouldn’t harm anybody who wants to wear it. Nowadays there’s a challenge with the rainbow flag - people can be executed or killed just for wearing it so I wanted something that still uses the colors and what it represents, but in a way that will keep people safe. I’m very inspired by the punk movement and the punk era, so I had an idea of creating my own tartan print.

Regnbågsfonden, or the Rainbow Foundation, is a charity, which I’m on the board of. Together, we raise money to fund different LGBTQIA+ projects around the world. It can be everything from safe housing to actually changing laws in different countries. We also work as a foundation to raise money for other organizations that are on site, actually working in different countries.

I guess the most important message that I have in life is that everybody should be able to be who they want to be without getting killed or stoned or even just getting in trouble for it. I have fought all my life to be who I want to be and I live in a country where it’s perfectly safe and acceptable to be gay. Still, I face death threats and hate all the time; And I’m one of the lucky ones. So for me, my biggest goal and hope in life is that one day we will all be considered equal. Whoever you fall in love with should not be something that can have you killed.

What inspires me is people who dare to be who they are and don’t care about the consequences. For example, I find the trans community so inspiring; that you feel so strongly that you’re born in the wrong body and you go through the process and all that it takes to become the person you feel that you identify with, and with all the scrutiny and hate that comes with it. I find it so empowering, and extremely inspiring, that people actually go through all of that just to be who they want to be.

" Everybody should be able to be who they want to be "