Utility Belt
129.99 EUR

Equality Harness

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The Equality Harness Utility Belt is designed in collaboration with Swedish fashion icon Fredrik Robertsson. Inspired by the punk era, the design features a unique tartan print that reinterprets the colours of the pride flag. A symbol of clan or family kinship, the tartan is synonymous with a sense of belonging and represents allyship with the LGBTQIA+ community.

With smart compartments and a bold expression, the Utility Belt carries all your necessities, from a phone pouch to a small zipper bag for condoms. It also makes a statement with a rape whistle attached to the strap for easy access in any situation.
  • Nopea toimitus
  • 14 päivän palautusoikeus
  • 1 vuoden takuu
  • This product is made of ethical and animal-free materials
  • Composition: 100% polyester; Trims: 100% polyurethane
  • PU strap: 135cm
  • Chain belt: 140cm
  • Mini bag measurements: W: 7cm x D: 2,5cm - H: 5,8cm
  • Lipstick bag measurements: L: 3,2cm x D: 3cm x H: 10cm
  • Phone bag measurements: L: 8,5cm x H: 17cm
  • Hardware: gun metal-toned
  • Complementary whistle included